This site contains fine art sexual fictions by artist model and muse, Molly and Brighton fetish photographer Antone Pavlov that depict's fine art photographic images consisting of sex doll fetish and erotic art prints. Hardcore art with kinky fetish women. Fetish doll and fetish art. Our links page features free photos of european latex photographers and other sexual images of women in art. Taboo, fetish muse and fetishism. Photography from Brighton fetish scene and Brighton kinky photographers from the fetish scene. This fetish site also sells fine art photographic prints, silver gelatine prints, sexdoll photography and erotic photography. Also featured are art prints of black and white vintage erotica for sale. Photographic prints for sale can be seen in our free fine art photographic print collections. Molly by Antone Pavlov. Brighton fetish art UK photographers
June 15th-July 1st 2006
Art@Large Gallery NYC
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New York
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Secret Magazine
issue 53
Issue 28
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August 2006
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Directory 2007
Secret Magazine
Anthology No.5 2007
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