Excerpts from an interview with Antone Pavlov 2005

Photographer Antone Pavlov and 'western geisha' Molly collaborate to concoct remarkable dysmophic sexual fictions.

Q. Who are your influences? "I guess Bellmer and Molinier, they were good fetishists and exceptional perverts. I also quite like their work."

Q. I take it you have a fetish? "Possibly"

Q. When did you and Molly start working together? "About June 2004. She had just finished her last art exam and asked if she would like to model for me. A couple of test shots later I was arrested as the pictures were regarded as indecent. We had to postpone shooting for a month sorting that out."

Q. Did you go to court? "No. I spent a day in a police cell whilst they looked at the shots, then they released me. I was threatened with re-arrest though and we had to wait until Molly was 18."

Q. Do you work with other models as well?. "No. That is a little unusual for a photographer but she is my muse and we work together full-time . We also live together."

Q. How does the collaboration process work between yourself and Molly? "We often form an idea for a shot with sketches sometimes doing this together but not always, then during the shoot we perfect the look we want with polaroids. I use a large format camera which allows us to compare shots. The negative is within the polaroid itself so we know there and then when we've got the look we want."

Q. Finally, how would you describe the work? "I wouldn't I guess I'm too close to it, but I get satisfaction from others apperciation and the feedback from collectors is just great."