sexdoll image, by Anone Pavlov
Sex Doll
Extracts from an article in Australian
Penthouse Magazine
According to Greek Myth, Pygmalion King of Cyprus, fell in love
with an ivory statue of his own making. He called her Galatea,
dressed her in robes and jewellery, placed her head on his
pillow every night and believed his kisses were returned.
Eventually, the Goddess Aphrodite brought her to life and
Pygmalion married Galatea
The Sex Doll re-emerges in Hitlers Third Reich, under Himmlers
guidance she was said to to have been created in 1941 from
'skin friendly' polymers for SS solidiers."she would be a of a
natural size with a pretty womans appearance, white skin,
blonde hair , blue eyes, 1.76 metres high with large lips and breasts.
One rule though, was that her face should not be cast
from a living woman, "She should not become a subsitute
for the honourable mother at home!"
Associate Editor-Tom Guise